Speaking — Consulting — Academic Coaching

I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics, including Mind, Brain, and Education, developmental psychology, human development, philosophy of education, social justice, educational psychopharmacology, and Integral Meta-Theory. I’ve been an invited speaker and workshop leader at venues such as Harvard University, The National Security Agency, Integral Institute, Buckingham Browne & Nichols, Amherst College, and a variety of academic conferences.

At times I also offer consulting services to schools, technology companies,  and other educational institutions around assessment, philosophical alignment of mission, vision, and practice, and developmental psychology. It has been an honor to have served in various consultancy roles with organizations such as the Department of Mind, Brain, and Education at the Harvard University Graduate of Education, Brandies University, Phillips Exeter, the Long Trail School (VT), and Glastonbury Public Schools (CT).

I occasionally provide academic coaching to graduate students and professional writers, helping them frame problems, build a course of study, conceive a reseach project, or simply manage their energy and stress during the completion of complex acadmic tasks. I am not a life coach or ghost writer; but if you come to me with a passion, I will help.

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(Yes, that is an MRI that I took of Homer Simpson’s brain.)