Here are some of my invited podcasts and lectures.



First of three podcasts on The Jim Rutt Show

Podcast with Andrew Holecek on tears, laughter, and tragedy 

Podcast with Your Parenting MOJO on the Big Picture

Podcast with Ari Delashumtt on standing up for the youth

Interview with Jonathan Rowson about my paper on COVID-19

Podcast with Andrew Sweeny

Technosocial Podcast (on education, ego, and world transformation)

Podcast on the 13 Social Miracles 

Podcast with Village Global on basically everything  😉 

Two podcasts on my work in metapsychology

Two podcasts on my second book (Education in a Time Between Worlds)

Two podcasts on my paper concerning metamodern metaphysics

Podcast on IQ and Higher Stages of Human Development 

Podcast on metamodern education

Podcast on the future of education

Podcast on my first book (Social Justice and Standardized Testing)

Podcast on testing and labels and money, oh my



Education Systems Innovation: Live Webinar (recording) 

Myth, Wisdom, & Pandemic (on Rebel Wisdom)

Talk on the Stoa: On the Metapolitics of Pandemics

Talk on the Stoa: A War Broke Out in Heaven

John Vervaeke and Zachary Stein: Kairos, Logos, and Post-Conventional Faith

John Vervaeke and Zachary Stein: The war in heaven, the kitchen table, and the thoughts of the heart

John Vervaeke and Zachary Stein: Education and The Divine Double

Seminar at the Ronin Institute on my second book (Education in a Time Between Worlds)

On the Ethics of Planetary Scale Measurement

Global crisis of measurement

Human development and global crises: closing remarks from a debate