Current Projects

I am currently working on five book projects:

Education In A Time Between Worlds: Essays On The Future of Learning, Schooling, and Human Nature (2018, Integral Publishing House). Bringing together 10 essays in Integral Theory, including published and unpublished material. Engages topics of de-schooling, educational technology, testing, ADD medication, global meta-crises, and emergent forms of religious and spiritual educational configurations.

A New Politics of Evolutionary Love: The Democratization of Enlightenment, Unique Self Symphonies, And Other Social Miracles (2018). (with Marc Gafni). A provocative take on the political implications of Integral Meta-Theory and new advances in theories of individual and cultural evolution. Offering utopian projections as well as concrete advice on what it will take to transform our historical moment from one of disaster into one of transformation and opportunity.

Schooling in Late-Capitalist America (2019). (with Hans Despain). Economist Hans Despain and I will address issues in contemporary education from the perspective of Dialectal Critical Realism and Integral Theory. Topics include the financialization of higher-education and the peonage of students and faculty, the privatization of public schools, the status of the humanities under the dominance of human capital theory, and true purposes of education as existential and sacred.

Evolutionary Love: Towards A New Image of Humanity (2019). (with Marc Gafni). Working with Rabbi Marc Gafni, we address philosophical issues in evolutionary theory and advance an emancipatory metatheory of evolution, best described as acosmic humanism. This is a new image of humanity’s place in the universe and an ontology of the concrete singular individual, or the Unique Self. This book is being written with the Support of the Center for Integral Wisdom.

Recreating Humanity: A Thought Experiment In The Philosophy of Education (2020). The MetaIntegral Foundation has provided some support for this project, which will creatively transform some 200 pages of previously published material into a book on the philosophy of education and a critique of educational technology. You can find a full description of the project here: Stein_MI_Grant_pdf

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