Dr. Zachary Stein

Writer. Educator. Futurist. Working to bring a greater sense of sanity and justice to education.

Some recent appearances and publications.


  • I gave a talk in August of 2018 on the ethics of planetary scale measurement for the Human Data Commons. [Abstract of talk]

  • Talking about my paper “Love in a Time Between Worlds” on Michael Garfield’s Future Fossils Podcast.  Recorded September, 2018. We cover a wide range of topics including multimethodological science, the need for new experience-and-evidence-based metanarratives, metamodern inquiries into the nature of time, and more…
  • Podcast with Daniel Thorson over at Emerge recorded September 12, 2018. Discusses my work on cosmo-erotic humanism with Marc Gafni and company at the Center for Integral Wisdom,  specifically the newly released paper, “Love in a Time Between Worlds,” cited just below.
  • Hot off the presses: Stein, Z. (2018). Love in a Time Between Worlds: On the Metamodern “Return” to a Metaphysics of Eros. Integral Review, 4(1). [pdf]
  • Here I am discussing metamodern education on the TeachThought Podcast. We also discuss my forthcoming book, among other things (June, 2018).
  • My forthcoming book, Education in a Time Between Worlds, has already gotten some attention in the Washington Post (March, 2018).
  • Podcast with Daniel Schmachtenberger over at Neurohacker Collective, recorded June, 2017. Wide-ranging and fast moving, Daniel and I talk for over an hour about IQ tests, the brain, education, and the importance of avoiding “monocultures of the mind.”
  • Stein, Z. & Gafni, M. (2017). The Apocalypse of the modern world-system and related possibilities for democratizing enlightenment. Spanda Journal. 2(1) pp.93-103. [pdf]
  • Podcast recorded May, 2017 with Jesse Lawler of Smart Drug Smarts, where we cover the future of schools (and their possible disappearance), my new book,  and a host of important topics in the philosophy of education.
  • Interview recorded in February, 2017 for The Dyslexia Quest podcast. Covers some issues related to uniqueness, ethics, and the complexity the so-called “learning disabled.”
  • Podcast recorded in January, 2017, at Dr, Charles Parker’s Core Brain Journal. Covers issues in social justice, testing, and the philosophy of education.
  • Hour long podcast from March 2016, with systems scientist Tim Winton, on Complexity Science, Learning Theory, Social Justice, and World System Analysis: The The-beautiful-mind-of-Dr-Zachary-Stein


(Human Development and the Global Crisis of Capabilities. Video from the 2015 Integral Theory Conference.)

(Whose Measures? Whose Future? Video from the 2015 Integral Theory Conference.)

(That is metatron’s cube. My thanks to the artist.)